Other Services


H2O Under Pressure Inc. is equipped with five (5) hydro-blast units. The newest is a 300 HP, 20K (24gpm) diesel, which can be converted to a 10K (60 gpm).


  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Pipes, Conduit & Sewer Lines
  • Boilers & Tubes
  • Digesters
  • Condensers

Hydro-blasting is done in a variety of industries including paper mills, oil refineries, chemical plants, foundries, power generating plants, food processing plants and municipalities. Our units are equipped, from the shop, to do most every job!

H2O Under Pressure Inc. also performs Sand Induction Blasting on turbines and tanks. We can also clean concrete of graffiti & etc. We are equipped with 3000 PSI/180 degree Hydro Blasters for degreasing capabilities and multi-media blasting.